National food of Canada that you should definitely try!

One of the reasons of loving Canada is for huge variety of food. My husband and I are delicious food cravers and pretty brave to try new tastes of different cuisines. You can find many Greek, Chinese, Indian, Lebanese, Turkish, Japanese restaurants in Canada and all are delicious! This is what we miss now in Buenos Aires. I will share about food in Buenos Aires in my other posts later on. Now about true tastes of Canada that you should definitely try if travel out there.

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Schwartz’s smoked meat– true taste of Montreal

My mouth gets watery when I start writing this post about Schwartz’s smoked meat that I tried in Montreal. It’s the best smoked meat I ever had! Juicy meat marinated with secret blend of herbs and spices and smoked in old fashion way. This smoked meat sandwich became our favorite food in Montreal. Continue reading “Schwartz’s smoked meat– true taste of Montreal”

pink lake in gatineau park

Beautiful parks of Ottawa

We lived in Ottawa for 2.5 years and we absolutely loved it! I especially loved friendly and quite neighborhood and very welcoming community. If you are an expat in Ottawa, you will definitely enjoy your stay. Our daughter was just 2 months when we moved to Ottawa and I was amazed with the nature, parks, playgrounds for kids and all the comfort for moms :)) Honestly, I still miss our life in Ottawa.

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