Five reasons to return to Fethiye in Turkey

Eeeek we are going back to Fethiye in 2019 :)) You wanna know why?

I love finding hidden gems of the world which leave me speechless and turn me to a storyteller as I want everyone to know about these mesmerizing places.

Though I was grown up in neighborhood of Turkey, never had chance to visit any other place of Turkey except Istanbul. Why I love Istanbul is a different topic and will write about my love story with Istanbul later. Now, where is Fethiye and what you can do there? Guess what, this place has crystal clear turquoise water beach, mountains and the best sunsets! Since we were married my husband was always saying that “if you visit Fethiye you will love it and will ask to go back”. He loves this little town not only for nature and food, but he also has childhood memories here. And finally he convinced me to visit this little Turkish town where Mediterranean Sea joins Aegean. You can read in Wikipedia about the history of this place as it goes back to BC and has lots of Roman architecture well preserved. Now let me put the personal reasons down for you.

1- Number one is Oludeniz (Dead Sea) which was awarded as the best beach by German tourists. I should warn you, this place is way more beautiful that can make you fall in love and want to come back again and again. That’s what happened to us and we already purchased our flight tickets to Fethiye. We are so crazy :).

Actually it has no relation with Dead Sea in Jordan and Israel, it’s a bay of Aegean Sea which is very peaceful and quiet. That’s why it’s called Dead Sea, kind of no waves. But, there were waves and pretty big ones! There’s a turquoise blue lagoon which is super still and never has any wave. It was our daughters’ favorite place as the lagoon is shallow.

Oludeniz Beach

Oludeniz is the place where people come especially for paragliding to see the whole beauty from the bird’s flight. Unfortunately, I was scared to try and didn’t jump from mountain. You need to drive up to Babadag mountain and jump with the instructor. I’m currently working on overcoming my fear and planning to paragliding next year. Fingers crossed, let’s see how I can manage it!

Besides Oludeniz, there are lots of other beaches in Fethiye. We rented a villa at Chalish beach where the water was not as turquoise as in Oludeniz but the water was blue and clean. Our villa at Sunset Beach had zero distance to the beach, can you imagine waking up with the sea breeze and going to the beach early morning. Oh I loved it!

By the way, most of the beaches in Fethiye got pebbles not sands. So, make sure to take your swimming rubber shoes if you have any.

2- You know I love delicious Turkish food, right? And the breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. Fethiye got the best village style breakfast, preach!! I can have a good breakfast and forget about food all day long. That’s why I always look for a delicious breakfast spots while travelling. While having our vacation in Fethiye we tried couple of places for famous Turkish breakfast. But the one that we found in a village could be nominated as the best breakfast of 2018:). The place is named “Enver Yalchin Yoruk Muzesi & Apart”. It’s like a boutique hotel inside of the farm with own museum. Museum is all about the local culture and traditions with personal family collection of expositions.


We drove for around 40 min from Calish Beach, Fethiye through the village Kargi Koyu. Once we reached they offered us chilly berry juice which was a perfect treatment in unbearable summer heat. Then there started coming everything that you could imagine you could eat for breakfast. There was honey, home-made butter, tomatoes, salad, cheese, fried eggs, cottage cheese, olives, different types of breads and one more delicious appetizer made of yogurt and special green herb which I don’t know how to call (not tsatziki). And the best part of it is that, it’s all made of the organic eggs, milk, veggies right from that farm. If you happen to be in Fethiye, you should definitely check this place out. I can’t wait to be back there!

3- Sunsets! I used to think that best sunsets are in Maldives, after our honeymoon trip there until I watched golden sunsets at the beach every day in Fethiye. The best part is that you can watch the sun going down behind the mountains. What a great scenery we watched everyday!!

Sunset at Calish Beach

4- Day trips to other destinations – while being in Fethiye we visited Pamukkale, Dalyan and Rhodos Island. Pamukkale is one of the natural wonders of the world which also dates back to BC and used to be a popular medical treatment destination of Roman empire. Its natural hot tubs full of thermal water in travertine stones are used for health and beauty purposes. This place was so high in our bucket list and I was happy to make it this year. However, I got a bit disappointed with not having all the tubs full of thermal water as the water is not enough to fill them all. It’s getting scarce and some of the tubs are dried out. It’s really sad to see the natural wonders to fade out like this and hopefully it can be preserved for next generations. This place is definitely must see destination for thermal tubs and Hierapolis ancient town where you can visit amphitheater dating back to II-III centuries.

Amphitheater at Hierapolis

Dalyan tour was pretty fun for us catching crabs and feeding sea turtles. This tour is also a one day boat tour which took us to the beach, then caught crabs and threw them back to the sea for turtles to come closer to the boat. It was pretty fun!

5- Boat tours to the islands (12 islands tour) – especially if you love jumping from the boats in the middle of nowhere this one is for you. I can’t swim in deep water, unfortunately and I didn’t jump from the boat when my hubby hit the water immediately :). Here’s the life hack for those who is afraid of deep water, put on the life jacket and enjoy the crystal clear sea! The best experience ever! The boat stops in two islands with small beach coast line and 3-4 stops without anchoring at the coast. Here you can watch the blue sky joining the blue sea, incredible!


There are so many more activities to make in Fethiye, but these five reasons are my favorites to go back to this cute town. Eat freshly made fish at old Fish Market, stroll around the Old Market (you can’t resist buying Turkish spices and delights here :D), eat Marash ice cream at the boulevard, visit Ghost Village of Kayakoy etc.  I think I shouldn’t remind you about friendly and always helpful Turkish people, the best Turkish food and best prices to make shopping!

We couldn’t visit the Butterfly Valley which is one of the most popular places there and we will definitely hike it next year, can’t wait!! So stay tuned for our next adventure in Fethiye next year.

P.S. Check out our instagram account for more photos @ourlifeinasuitcase_by_sara

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