Steak, Alfajores and Empanadas- guess where we are!

I always associated Argentina with steak and thought people eat nothing but steak here. Yummy, juicy and soft steaks. And it occurred to be true.  Unfortunately, there’s not a big choice of meat variety in the market. You can buy only beef, angus, pork and chicken! Luckily, there are fish markets where we can find our favorite seafood. But, there’s no mutton, no turkey, no goose, no duck meat. I started missing their tastes already…

Let me tell you about food habits of Argentinians. First time when we went to the restaurant to have dinner around 6 p.m. it was empty. We thought it was closed. Luckily, this one was open for dinner at 6 pm. Because, Argentinians go out for dinner after 8 p.m. and the restaurants are open at 8 p.m. only! They usually have late lunch and late midday snack which makes them delay the dinner. Argentinians also love to stay out very late. Some of the night clubs in Buenos Aires are open at 2 a.m. As I found out, most of the locals take a nap after work, then go out for a long night life. I think it’s a nice tip for night owls :).

Before going to a restaurant, you better check out their schedule. Some of the restaurants are closed at 3 pm till 8 pm.

Now, steaks.

Well, I don’t want to disappoint you, guys. The thing is, you can’t find a delicious steak in every restaurant. Yes, this is one of the moments that freaks me out. It’s a steak country! But, you have to know which restaurants serve the best ones. Ohh such a frustration. So far I liked the steak in La Colorada. I don’t give up thou, I keep up looking for the steak to be nominated for the best one.

If you like a fat steak, then you should order bife de chorizo which has a fat line. I don’t like lean steak; it should have some fat on it. I hope my diet forgives my steak nights!

Besides the restaurants, most of the buildings have a barbecue grill on the terrace (parrilla in Spanish – one of my first Spanish words that I picked up in Buenos Aires). You don’t have to wait for a restaurant to be opened to grab your steak. Get a nice piece of steak in the meat store (not in the supermarket!) which is called Carnederia and put it on the ‘parrilla’. And your dinner is ready! The meat for steak here is number 1. Argentinians know how to cut the steak meat. And it tastes heavenly when it’s done right. Pick a right spot for a delicious steak and you will feel the real taste of Argentina.


This is what I have discovered here. It’s a national pastry made with two cookies with dulce de leche between.  Dulce de leche is boiled condensed milk. My mom used to boil condensed milk for making a cream for our favorite honey cake. So, I got back to my childhood when I tried dulce de leche here. You can find dulce de leche in everything in Argentina; in coffee, in yogurt, in cakes etc. I still wonder how come they haven’t made a steak with dulce de leche 🙂.

Classic Alfajores

As you can already imagine, it’s super sweet and rich of calories. But I loved alfajores. They have very gentle taste. The cookies are soft and pure dulce de leche makes them delicious. They have different varieties; I love alfajores covered with dark chocolate. Definitely a must try pastry.

And Empanadas

Before coming to Argentina I always thought empanadas were coming from Mexican cuisine. I was wrong! It’s a national food of Argentina. Empanadas with different stuffing are one of the favorite foods around. I personally, not an empanada person, but you should try it to taste Argentinian cuisine. It’s made of either puff pastry dough or kind of pizza dough with ground meat, mozarella, spinach, tomato and other stuffing. I don’t want to surprise you, but like in case of steak, you have to know where to buy good empanadas as well. You can’t find delicious empanadas in every store here. Sorry guys, you have to look for special places in Buenos Aires to have the perfect food.


Pizza is also very popular here. There are lots of pizza places in Buenos Aires, but again check out for the best tastes. Argentina got own type of pizza with thicker dough. I’m a lover of true Italian pizza, that’s why can’t say I fell on my knees in front of Argentina type pizza. If you love American pizza, then you can love Argentinian pizza as well 😉

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