Discover Vancouver!

When my husband offered me to travel to Vancouver I was hesitating. I told him “what are we gonna do in there? It’s just an urban place with high buildings”. He made me sure that I would enjoy this trip and I never regretted for spending our vacation in this wonderful place.

Honestly, I was not expecting Vancouver to be so much alive and so beautiful. Yes, it’s one of the best cities in the world to live. Besides being the best city in the world, I would say it is one the most beautiful cities. It has the modern architecture with sky scrapers surrounded with sandy beaches and gorgeous skiable mountains. The waterfront parks and boulevards are so peaceful and gorgeous that you forget about rushing to somewhere and urban stress.

The Pacific breeze keeps Vancouver always warm and humid. It’s like not Canada, almost never snows in there. I couldn’t imagine Canada without snow until I visited Vancouver. It’s raining pretty much thou, 3 days out of our 5 days that we stayed in Vancouver it was raining. I think people in Vancouver don’t mind to have rain instead of snow :).

You can also find local organic fruits and vegetables here. I loved the Italian plums which I found in farmer market. They reminded me the Italian plums growing in the backyard of my dad. There are many trees full of fruits on the street and you can feel free to pick some. We also visited suburbs of the city where almost everybody grows fruits and vegetables in the backyard. You can see blueberry, corn, strawberry and other fields along the roads.

So, let me share with you some interesting facts about Vancouver and places you should visit except Stanley Park.

  1. The ocean water is pretty cold

I was hoping and even almost imagining myself swimming in Pacific Ocean, but the water was so cold even in August. You can find lots of beaches with warm sand and green water. However, I didn’t feel like swimming in cold water and hit the Kitsilano Beach Outdoor Pool. This pool is the longest outdoor pool in Canada. I know, it’s perfect for Canadians who survive the freezing winter and chilly Pacific Ocean would not stop them from enjoying the summer. But not for me who have grown up at the Caspian Sea.

  1. Most of the Hollywood movie scenes are shot in Vancouver

While walking in Vancouver I felt like being in a southern city. The palm trees and exotic trees will take you down to south, Miami or LA :). The detached houses are also in southern style. So, may be you have seen Vancouver in many movie scenes instead of L.A.

  1. It’s very expensive

Especially the real estate prices have gone up for the past couple of years. Asians are major customers of real estate companies here. They usually buy a condo or apartment in Vancouver and go back to their country leaving their property unused in center town. You can see lots of buildings which has only a few condos with lights on at night. By the way, the signs in the airport are in English and Chinese. I got confused first time when we landed on the airport whether I was in Canada or China :).

  1. Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge

This place is less famous among the tourists, but definitely a must-see place in Vancouver mountains. It’s around 20 minutes of driving up to norther mountains and around 10-15 minutes of walking from the parking. But it worth to see this beauty. While standing on the suspension bridge you can see canyon and river running underneath the bridge. It’s a bit scary to look down thou. After crossing the bridge, you have to walk for another 5-10 minutes to see a clear blue water mini lake in the canyon. There were lots of people swimming in this lake, it got very clean and chilly water.

lynn canyon lake

  1. Granville Island

It’s an island right in the center town of Vancouver. There’s a public market where you can find farmer goods. If you want to take a shot with perfect view of Vancouver, go to this island. There are also nice restaurants to get delicious food and drink. There are also some events going on every time. You can check out their events calendar at

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