National food of Canada that you should definitely try!

One of the reasons of loving Canada is for huge variety of food. My husband and I are delicious food cravers and pretty brave to try new tastes of different cuisines. You can find many Greek, Chinese, Indian, Lebanese, Turkish, Japanese restaurants in Canada and all are delicious! This is what we miss now in Buenos Aires. I will share about food in Buenos Aires in my other posts later on. Now about true tastes of Canada that you should definitely try if travel out there.

  1. Poutine

This is neither a Russian President’s favorite food nor it was named after him. It’s national meal of Quebec which became the national meal of the whole Canada. There are lots of stories and tales about the origins of this word and food itself, however mostly accepted version is that Poutine is derived from the English word Pudding. French people used to name all the meals with couple of ingredients mixed together as “pudding”. Considering that French don’t pronounce the last “g” making it sound like “pudin”, probably it was made up to Poutine. Poutine was created in 1950s in one of the restaurants in Quebec.

It’s very simple. Just 3 ingredients. French fries, cheese curds and some special gravy on top. Nothing special, but it’s the real taste of Canada. There are even hold Poutine Fests across Canada every year. You can try hundreds of varieties of poutine; with smoked meat, BBQ, teriyaki, double cheese, with bacon, with chicken and so on. It’s all about French fries! It was our favorite hockey night food at hockey arena in Ottawa. All you need for happiness in Canada is poutine, beer and hockey!

  1. My favorite Beaver’s Tails

If you think it’s a very sophisticated and some fancy food, you are wrong. Everything is simple in Canada:). It’s a pastry made of fried sweet dough with sweet toppings like chocolate, cinnamon and sugar, peanut butter, Nutella etc. But it’s sooooo good. Especially in winter when you take it with hot chocolate and then go to skating on the outdoor rink. It had already become a winter tradition. Beaver’s Tail and hot chocolate – cozy feeling of our cold winter days in Canada.

It doesn’t have to be anything complicated to be tasty, simple ingredients always make it delicious. Try it once you are in Canada! Even President Obama tried Beaver’s Tail pastry when he was visiting Ottawa ;). There’s a bakery where they have “Obama Cookies” on Byward Market in Ottawa, another landmark that you can check in.

obama cooki





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