Niagara Falls – dreams come true

From the very first moment when our geography teacher told us about the most powerful waterfalls of the world, I was obsessed with the dream of seeing Niagara Falls. I could imagine it very huge, powerful water falling down, loud and beautiful. Yes, it was exactly as I was imagining. Tons of clear blue water falling and making a loud noise which may scare you and at the same time make you feel a part of a big power of the world. This is gorgeous Niagara Falls!

Canada has made a great value out of this natural beauty. Driving around an hour from Toronto, you will arrive to Niagara Falls town. It’s right on the border with the USA. However, to get the perfect view of the falls you should come to Canada side. There’s nothing much to see from the States.


Niagara Falls town looks like a small Las Vegas with casinos, game zones, luxury hotels and lots of fun stuff in the parks. If you like gambling, eat delicious food and spend time in attraction parks it’s a perfect place for you. And a happy place for kids, of course. Get ready to spend lots of money in the attractions for kids :).

There’s a a Movieland Wax Museum where you can see famous actors and actresses’ mummies. It’s a fun place to walk around and take pictures with the world famous people, imagining them to be real.

We went to Niagara Falls for a couple of times and enjoyed every single trip. There’s also a light show on the falls every night. There are colorful lights fixed under the falls water which make the water glow with different colors and create a wonderful light show.

I also loved fun sculptures on the buildings and even upside down house. There was a car falling down from the building and a King Kong on the fallen Empire State building. You should see it!


If you drive around 30 minutes West-South passing through Hamilton, you will reach to a small place Niagara on the Lake. Another natural beauty gifted to Canada. This is a lake created by Niagara Falls, which unlike the Falls is very quiet and peaceful. A perfect place to have a picnic or just lay down and enjoy the nature.

This area of Ontario is famous with grapes, peaches, pears, cherries and lots of other delicious fruits and berries. You can also get a basket and pick some fruit with your family in the fruit season. It’s another family entertainment here especially for little ones who have no idea where the fruits come from :).


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