Wakefield-a tiny peaceful beauty of Quebec

If you have read stories happening in the mountain villages with couple of hundred populations in XIX century where the quite river is running between gorgeous mountains condensed with trees, it must be about Wakefield. This village is like from the past, the village that has left such a big history behind or the village where people lived happily without caring about outer world without any special history. It has nothing special that I can say I fell in love. I just fell in love in natural beauty of this village. Peace and harmony of people walking around, like time has stopped and we don’t have to rush anywhere.

Wakefield is a part of Gatineau, Quebec, just 30 minutes away from Ottawa. The main activity here is to setback and enjoy beautiful nature with delicious food. There’s a historical house across the Wakefield bridge which is used as an information desk now. There’s a mini museum of history in this house where you can see the lifestyle of old wakfielders.

We used to Wakefield over the weekend to enjoy the silence and fresh air. There was a French bakery where we used to buy fresh croissants and bread. I can never resist fresh croissant, never! There is also a gelato place right on Riverside, sorry I forgot the name. But you can easily find it, as there was only one gelato café on the riverside. It was fresh, homemade gelato! I believe you don’t need any other comments on fresh homemade gelato 🙂

We found a gourmet restaurant La Maison du Village owned by husband and wife. Oh the food was delicious, I tried a salad with cooked beets, honey, caramelized nuts and blue cheese with fresh veggies. Taste was something that you have not tried before and you can feel specific taste of each ingredient separately.

If you are looking for something like spa, restaurant, hotel and all these fancy things together, check out the Wakefield Mill. We used to have lunch with our friends in their restaurant. They have a delicious fish meal for fish lovers! Oh, also there’s a gorgeous view to the water fall from the restaurant terrace.

Though water of La Peche river was chilly even in summer, there were lots of people swimming and taking sun bath along the banks of the river. Once I saw many young people on the bridge jumping into the water and screaming with excitement. I felt like it must be the best feeling in the world, destroying the silence of the nature with your excitement and passion you get from it. And found out that bridge jumping is almost a tradition here!

Wakefield has everything that I love; delicious food, beautiful nature, peace and fresh air! All you need for relaxation after a long stressful work week.

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