Schwartz’s smoked meat– true taste of Montreal

My mouth gets watery when I start writing this post about Schwartz’s smoked meat that I tried in Montreal. It’s the best smoked meat I ever had! Juicy meat marinated with secret blend of herbs and spices and smoked in old fashion way. This smoked meat sandwich became our favorite food in Montreal. Every time when we had a chance to go to Montreal we couldn’t wait to have this yummy meat sandwich. Many people visiting Montreal are not aware of this place. Thanks to my hubby’s pre-visit research, we found out and loved this meat place. By the way, he is very good at finding delicious food around 🙂

This deli was launched 80 years ago and nothing has changed since that time. When we got into the restaurant I had a mix feeling of impressed with authentic design keeping everything old and a bit worried about clean and hygienic standards. Though I was not happy with the size of the restaurant, I liked the vintage look of the place having old photo frames with old photos on the walls. It’s like you are lost in time and got back to the mid XX century.

Despite the freezing cold March day there was a long line outside waiting to get inside. Yes, there’s always a long line in front of the restaurant from 12 PM till 3 PM. Of course, first time we didn’t know that there’s less people after 3 PM, so we went to have a lunch and got caught by a hungry crowd. We were smarter at our next visits coming to restaurant late afternoon :).

I must admit, my first impression was terrible. Narrow aisles between long tables where everybody was sitting together, overcrowded small place where I couldn’t find a spot to leave my baby’s stroller made me a bit tensed. I was already complaining for coming here, when I saw the smoked meat sandwich brought to our neighbor table. Oh heavenly look of meat made me forget about the rest of the things bothering me. They serve the smoked meat between two slices of rye bread and yellow mustard. They also have a perfect homemade pickle which adds a different flavor to a bite of this smoked meat. You should try it together. I’m sure you will like it. I still have this taste in my mouth, the very gentle taste of meat.

After our discovery of Montreal style smoked meat, we tried some other restaurants offering this type of sandwich but we couldn’t get that original taste. If you happen to be in Montreal, you should definitely go to Schwartz’s Deli on Saint Laurent boulevard.

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