What the heaven!! Oh my Maldives

White warm sand, green Indian Ocean water, blue sky, pine trees, silence, massage… Who is with me?

The very first day that we arrived the weather was very hot and humid. We arrived on to the international airport of Male after a very long flight from Doha. Did I tell you that our flight from Baku to Doha was delayed and we stayed in Doha for overnight? We had a nice sleep at a five star hotel in downtown of Doha and left for Male the next day. Despite the fact that we lost a day, we didn’t mind to see Doha as well. Anyways, once we got out of the plane we felt humid tropic air, it was hot, very hot. But I didn’t mind, I love heat. After the connection at Male we had another flight to the airport of the islands of our resort which took another hour. But this is still not the final destination. We took a speed boat to get from the island where the plane landed to the island where our resort was, The Sun Island.

Our island from the sky

Finally, we landed on our island! Hotel administration greeted us with cool drinks and wet wipes, which we definitely needed after a long flight. Then we took a «buggy» for $1 to carry our luggage and of course to carry exhausted us to the bungalow:)) The golf carts are called «buggy» on the Maldives and they are mostly used for transportation from bungalow to the restaurant or other entertainment points. Actually, the resort island is not big and we walked around the island for 20 minutes. But sometimes, especially in late evenings if you don’t feel like walking you can use these «buggies».

Our resort was situated on Nalaguraidhoo island of Alif Dhaal Atoll. The group of islands is called Atoll. Let me give you a very brief info about the country. It’s a Muslim country with around 400 K population. It used to be a part of the United Kingdom and almost everybody speaks English. The capital Male is on one island and nothing much to do on the capital island. Once you arrive on Male you are transfer to the island where your resort is situated.


If you are thinking about the quality of the hotels, don’t go for less than 4 stars. We had a 5 star hotel, but it’s not like a 5 star in the USA or Europe. Everything was clean, the service was very friendly and on time. But the room was a bit oldish. There was a tiny fruit basket left for us first night and since we arrived late to the hotel I was pretty hungry. You can imagine how happy I was to see that basket in our room  We had a nice sleep and I couldn’t wait for the morning to go to beach!

We had all inclusive package. The third day we got tired of eating three times a day in the same restaurant almost same food. That’s why we started hunting for a different food on the island and found a barbecue and Thai food restaurant. They had a great seafood, just delicious! I wouldn’t suggest you to take all inclusive, if you also like trying various food every day. You can take two meal package and one time eat in a different place.

Private beach part

Our room was cleaned twice a day. Each bungalow has a private access to the beach. Yeap, private beach, baby! It was very quite on the island, which is perfect for relaxation. There’s a spa studio that you can use for extra payment. It was not so expensive that time, we tried it and didn’t regret.

There were also shark and stingray feeding shows on the island. There were 2-3 meters of wild sharks gathering under the pierce to eat tunas. What a show it was! I wouldn’t like to be in the water that time  The hotel staff was throwing tuna pieces to water and sharks were catching them wildly. Ugh!! Oh, regarding the sharks. Be ready to swim by with baby sharks. Yes, baby sharks come to shallow water and while you are enjoying the warm ocean you can notice baby sharks swooshing by. It sounds fun, but I was a bit scared thou. They usually don’t bite, though I don’t know what to expect from a shark!

You can also see colorful little fishes under the water even without the scuba diving. It was beautiful, I can’t dive and it was perfect for me to see the underwater world from above. There are also tiny crabs in their tine shells walking on the sand. Oh, and be careful while swimming and walking on the beach. The sand might be hurting your feet because of the corals. The white sand is made of the white corals, so it might be a bit harsh for your feet. We used rubber swimming shoes while being in the water or on the sand. It would also prevent burning feeling of the hot white sand.

So, if you are still hesitating about visiting this heavenly island, go for it! Pack your things and just go! I loved our stay, I’m sure you will love it too. Enjoy!


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