Travelers in a suitcase

Hi, welcome to my blog and enjoy surfing around here to learn more about beautiful places we travel. I’m Sara, loving mom and wife who also love amateur photography 🙂

We started our life journey in 2013, when we got married with my husband. In 2014 our little princess joined us in our trips and our traveling life got more fun. We have been around many countries, cities, lakes, rivers, mountains and other lovely places and I’m very excited to share all my impressions with you. We are passionate travelers who enjoy innovating new tastes, new places, new cultures and meeting new people. Every time when I unpack my suitcase I already think about our next destination. What is waiting for us in our next stop?

Traveling is like a dance, you can fall, choose a wrong step, have a wrong music but at the end of the day you enjoy the whole process. Let’s dance, travel and enjoy our life!